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> No Offense here either but instead of
> "one needs to make sure they are not another open relay" how about
> "check out and
>  before you open up your
> machine to the interenet?

I did this with a PDF for redhat9. Don't remember where I got it, but
"mail server redhat" on google should give you something.

> What other tools do I need for my Linux box to be able to retrieve pop3
> mails from my ISP server and then allow me to access downloaded emails
> remotely either over the web or through IMAP or POP3.  

imap, postfix and fetchmail.

imap is preety much like pop3 (in terms that you use it to retrieve your
email from the server), with the advantage that you can use any Imap
client (including squirrelmail, fedora's default webmail), and keep your
messages in only one place. For instance, I use this config for keeping
my inbox in a computer at work with evolution, my home's computer and to
access it from webmail when it's required.

postfix is needed so others can deliver you the mail, it's the SMTP

fetchmail grabs mail from your ISP and delivers to anywhere you wish to,
including your local postfix :-)

For fetchmail, just puts a .fetchmailrc in your home folder, with the
following content:
poll pop.yourISP protocol pop3 username "user1" password "password" is
user1 here

In just one line. The user1 just means that you have a account in your
isp called user1, and the second time it appears is the local user name.

Squirrelmail, although not necessary, is a very simple webmail, and
works in any browser (including IE3 in 640x480x8bits :-)

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