Dell Inspiron 7500 Woes..

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at
Tue Feb 24 04:16:35 UTC 2004

On Feb 23, 2004, Adam Cooper <adam.cooper at> wrote:

> 1. I want to use my new spangled 1400x1050 screen. So I go to
> preferences, load the screen resolution tools and switch it. For the
> most part bit's of the screen are easier to read but since everything
> seems to be jumbled around and overlapping it's pretty much unusable.

Sounds a lot like what I get on my Dell Inspiron 8000 using the VESA
1600x1200 video mode.  If you're using the vesa driver, the only
possibly solution is to get in touch with Dell and get them to issue
an updated BIOS that has the correct mode.  Didn't work for me, I'm

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