Bug?/questions about spamassassin

Gilbert Sebenste sebenste at weather3.admin.niu.edu
Tue Feb 24 16:38:07 UTC 2004

Hello all,

When I run the newest version of spamassassin (2.6.3-0.2) from the init.d 
directory as user root, it hangs when I use "-u mailnull" as the options. 
Or any other user (mail, etc), for that matter. Typing ./spamassassin 
start with just the option above shows:

starting spamd:

And then it hangs.

Using the defaults with the software (-d -c -a -m5 -H) works fine, except 
my incoming spam is labeled as [SPAM] in Pine. Is there any way, from the 
spamassassin option command line above, to add an option to automatically 
delete those incoming emails when they are detected to be spam? I'm sure 
there is, but in my half-awake state and 2 hours on the spamassassin web 
site, I'm not clear how to do it.

Thanks, as always, for any help!

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