Two RAID 0 questions

Allan Metts ametts2 at
Wed Feb 25 01:16:25 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I want to maximize disk throughput by using Fedora's software RAID 0 on a 
plain-jane single-processor machine with 7200 RPM IDE drives.  Two 
questions come to mind:

--1-- Do I need to put the two drives on separate controllers?  Right now, 
the CDROM drive is the master drive on the secondary controller.  It seems 
cleaner to me to put the two hard drives as master & slave on the primary 
controller -- but am I sacrificing performance here?

--2-- Does RAID 0 require identical drive sizes and geometries like RAID 1 
does?  Or is it possible to span drives of differing sizes?

Thanks in advance,


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