gnumeric + tcp_ecn + dhcp/static

Gabriel Eduard Mititica mitica at
Wed Feb 25 23:45:43 UTC 2004

> A shot in the dark:  What does your /etc/hosts file contain?  Make sure
> you have a definition for localhost:
>       localhost.localdomain   localhost
> I ran gnumeric while sniffing with ethereal and saw no network traffic
> (FC2T1/RH9).
> Bob...

i do have that line in /etc/hosts (it comes by default) and among the rest
of lines i appended is not the culprit where gnumeric hangs
- 128.189.137.yy (mine is 128.189.137.xx and both are on that dhcp lan)..
it's weird because it always goes to the same ``yy''.. might be there smth
gnumeric needs (say a printer, etc)?..

i was thinking of adding a rule with iptables to deny gnumeric access to
eth0, but the string option is not implemented in my kernel (i assume i
have to recompile it)..


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