Linux exchange client?

James Drabb JDrabb at
Thu Feb 26 03:31:40 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-25 at 12:26, Peter Eddy wrote:
> Actually, I did really like Evolution until one day it decided to 
> re-send about 100 or so emails I'd sent about three months prior. I 
> probably spent an entire day answering puzzled, "didn't we already 
> discuss this?" emails. I stopped using Evolution after that.

That is pretty funny : )

I use Evolution and Ximian Connector at work.  This is at a fortune 500,
and while we have Linux servers, I am one of the few who use Linux for
my Dev workstation.  The Oracle DBAs have been coming to me about
setting up some Linux desktops (we have Oracle DB and J2EE on Linux
now).  Most likely because of Oracle's big Linux push.  Anyway, the DBA
manager came and I set up FC1 for him with Evolution and Ximian
Connector.  It worked great...until he looked at his calendar.  Ximian
Connector went and popped up a reminder window for each _past_ meeting
for the whole year.  More then 400 windows came up.  He went back to MS
Windows XP because of that : )

It does work very well for me.  However, I have logged a few bug
requests about a persistent crash.  _Every_ time I close Evolution, it
crashes under FC1 when I am using Ximian Connector.  It is a little
annoying, though not a show stopper for me.

> Peter

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