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Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Thu Feb 26 05:22:57 UTC 2004

Am Do, den 26.02.2004 schrieb incurable at um 05:17:
> Hi! after i upgrade to 2.6.3, i have a problem with the isdn connection! i connect to internet but i don't download datas...(even a byte) can you just tell me, something to find to! i try to google but i dont know how to expample my problem! 

It would be helpful if you have posted more data to handle with.

Is the kernel a self compiled one or a rawhide/development RPM kernel?
What does syslog report in /var/log/messages about the ISDN connection?
Do you get an IP from your ISP?
Can you ping hosts in the internet using their IP? If that works but
using their hostname not then the problem is a missing name resolution.
Check then /etc/resolv.conf.
Do you have a default route to the ISDN device? Check the output of
command "route".
Is ECN activated? Maybe set it off with "echo 0 > cat


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