Fedora mirrors

A Davis esai at comporium.net
Thu Feb 26 21:30:11 UTC 2004

One thing I know is alot of people who install Fedora don't realize
when they are setting up mirrors that they are using repositories
from mirror sites that are not directly supported by the Fedora projects
policy. It means no support. It also means alot of conflicts which can
also create bugs that otherwise would not come up at all quite possibly
not at all! 

The Fedora Projects supported mirrors are at this web address:

I just want to point it out. When learning by using search engines 
you get lead into other repositories quite easily. 

I have set up repositories (on East Coast) using the Fedora Projects
mirror sites myself with one exception of Fresh RPMs.

I believe it is a good idea to install synaptic as it is easy to fix any
conflicts or miss installs that may happen.  I have apt, yum and
synaptic setup with Fedora mirrors.

How can RedHat best address bugs if you use files from non supported

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