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> Subject: Re: WLAN EMERGENCY!!!!
> Javier Gonzalez wrote:
> > I desperately need a wlan adapter that will work in my 
> Laptop. I have
> > Fedora Core 1 install, and it seems to be better with wlan, 
> but I have
> > still found a card that it's relatively easy to install. I 
> have tried
> > Linksys Instant Wireless ver.3, and Netgear MA401. Netgear just
> > doesn't do a damn thing for me.
> The MA401 was recognized by Anaconda, so I cannot see, which 
> problem you
> might have there. Just worked out of the box, so to speak.
> You need to modprobe the orinoco_cs and hermes modules for it 
> to work -
> if your PCMCIA stuff is working.

MA401's the one I'm been using. Works as long as you have the Orinoco &
modules in the kernel.. 

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