xmms blocks sound device

thedogfarted thedogfarted at inbox.lv
Fri Feb 27 20:39:14 UTC 2004

Wade Chandler wrote:
> thedogfarted wrote:
>> i noticed one more interesting thing - i can listen to xmms and 
>> cdplayer in the same time... cdplayer continues to play even after the 
>> system is halted
>> thedogfarted wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I installed Fedora Core 1 today and got bad surprise - et failed to 
>>> start because xmms was blocking the soundcard. My previous os was 
>>> freeBSD 5.2 and then i was able to play et and listen to xmms
>>> pls give me some advice...
> What sound server are you using? 

where can i see it? xmms is using oss plugin, configured with /dev/dsp 
audio device and /dev/mixer mixer device

> Artsd is one example of a sound 
> server.  This is an area where the linux community has to come together. 
>  The standard sound system works the way you are describing.
> You can use ALSA or Arts for your sound.  If you are are using Artsd you 
> can change the output of XMMS to use the artsd plugin.  Artsd will allow 
> multiple sound outputs.  artsdsp will start my app and redirect my sound 
> system calls to artsd.  If you don't have this plugin by default you can 
> download it from the xmms home page.

I'll look for the plugin. I think have alsa but i need more free time to 
look at the docs.

> Sometimes, but not as often as I believe it should work, you can use 
> artsdsp for you sound.  artsdsp will run your application for you 
> redirecting sound system calls to arts.  Lets say I have an app call 
> playmysounds.  I would do this:
> artsdsp playmysounds
> artsdsp will find my app on the path and run it as a child process 
> redirecting sound lib calls.
> What we need is a multi process kernel level sound system for /dev/dsp. 
>  This means we need another layer of abstraction between the sound 
> driver and the device files I believe.  Currently it does not spool in 
> the manner the sound servers do.  I like to write java applications as 
> well as C apps, but my java apps have to use the standard sound services 
> for sound output.  Thus, my apps block the sound device, or they don't 
> output sound because of another application hogging the device.

hmmm... my only java app that uses sound works ok

> You best bet with XMMS is to use something like artsd and then to set 
> XMMS to use the artsd plugin for sound output.  KDE makes using Artsd 
> very easy from the control panel.

I'm using GNOME :)

> Wade

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