FedoraCore1-2.6.3 Kernel Errors

Murali P linuxmurali_48 at yahoo.co.in
Sat Feb 28 04:01:21 UTC 2004

I installed the RPMś relating to the
2.6.3-2.1.204 having downloaded the same from the link
given on http://fedoranews.org/jorge.
I am able to boot without any difficulty.However, the
following problems occur :
1. I´ve installed and configured ALSA packages.But
sound doesn´t start on next boot, I am required to run
¨ alsaconf"each time on fresh boot.
2. It is given in the docs at the above URL that 2.6
kernel does not require SCSI emulation for
CD-writing.But cdrecord does not seem to work.

Could you kindly provide me with tips to overcome
these problems.
Thanks in advance.

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