FC1 as a server but NOT HP Proliant

Jim Cornette jim-cornette at insight.rr.com
Sun Feb 29 22:04:16 UTC 2004

yavorsky gaetan wrote:

> fred smith a écrit :
>> On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 03:45:43PM +0100, yavorsky gaetan wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> It's working but ...
>>> If it's a critical production environment, and if you plan to 
>>> contract support whith HP, forget it !
>>> I do have a problem with a G3 server which crash after 2 weeks in 
>>> production mode.
>>> Since I have an other G3 as office server which run perfectly, I'm 
>>> quite sure that it's a hardware problem, and I have standard 3 years 
>>> garanty from HP.
>>> So I called them, and I have been told that they don't care about my 
>>> problem because of FC1 !!!!!!!!
>>> They just told me to install RH8 which is the last "open" release 
>>> supported, or to by RedHat ES3 !.
>>> Not really what I expected from such a company ! ( why do not 
>>> install WFW3.11 ??? )
>>> If somebody has an other feed back HP, please let me know !
>>> Regards.
>>> Gaetan Yavorsky.
>> The machine should have come with a "smart start" CDRM. On my 
>> proliant (DL-320 G2) that CDis bootable, and it contains a full set 
>> of hardware
>> diagnostics. I suggest you dig it out, boot it, and let the diagnostics
>> run overnight or over a weekend
> I did it and it didn't report anything :-\
> Anyway, It's a ML350-G3, 1,5 Go ECCC, Smart Array with 2x36 Go Raid 1 
> which acts as a firewall ( Iptables & webmin module )
> The only diff with my office server, is that this system has 2 x 32 
> bits PCI 10/100 Eth card from CNET ( RealTek 81399too ),  One is on 
> the 32 bit pci bus and the other one is on the 64 bit pci bus ( thince 
> I just have one pci 32 available on this machine )
> I don't know if it is important ...
> Gaetan Yavorsky

I would think that two similar cards would conflict with each other for 
the same IRQ. Maybe installing two unsimilar cards that use different 
IRQs would not cause any conflicts.

Just a guess,


You work very hard.  Don't try to think as well.

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