Cicso wireless problem after kernel update

mickey mickey at
Thu Jul 1 21:09:51 UTC 2004

I have a problem with my laptop since I updated my fc2 kernel.  With 
kernel, my Cisco 340 pcmcia card worked perfectly with 
almost no manual config.  The other day, I ran up2date, and it put my 
kernel to, and ever since then, if I boot up (card NOT set 
to auto load) then insert the airo340, it just sits there and blinks.

At this point basically, my laptop is DEAD.  No programs will run, I 
can't even get a terminal window to load, the mouse works, and I can 
even use existing terminal, but no new ones?! At this point, XINETD 
appears to be DEAD, and when I try to shutdown (init 0 or shutdown -h 
now), the laptop gets to STOPPING XINETD, and will just sit there for hours.

If I choose the older kernel in grub, the cisco card works perfectly again.

I tried lsmod (newer kernel), and immediately, aes, airo_cs, ds, and 
airo all load, and pcmcia_core shows that airo_cs is using it.

My laptop is a Compaq NX7000 [Centrino].  My brother has the same model 
laptop, and has duplicated the problem with his airo 350 card.


Proudly removed windows from my desktop 11/2002 and from my laptop 
1/2004 -- Never been happier!

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