Help w/ LDAP

xentek dev linux at
Thu Jul 1 23:22:09 UTC 2004

> Hmm.. worked fine on my box too. Fresh install of it. 
> Are you sure httpd is up?
> ps fax | grep http | grep -v grep 
> gives you output??


> maybe you have to check on your settings in 
> /etc/httpd/conf  

i will check the conf file again

what's weird is that i can get to my subversion repos via apache (i.e. but when going to a simple index.html file
(only text inside is hello world.) 

I get:

You don't have permission to access /index.html on this server.

I'm gonna double check my conf files, as i did find the php bin, so it
must be there... but not sure what this forbidden error is coming from.
the first time i got it, i chmod 777 the doc root (to just try to give
it 'all' the 'permissions' i could think of to get over the forbidden


- eric marden

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