Me again... :-)

Thomas Sapp tpsapp at
Sun Jul 4 00:04:43 UTC 2004

Ok, here is hopefully my last problem for a while... (Doubt it! hehe)  I 
have several computers setup on a network connecting to a cable modem 
through a linksys dsl/cable router w/8 port switch.  I have my Fedora Care 2 
machine set up as DMZ Host.

I can connect to the HTTP, VNC, and FTP services without any problems, 
however, I can not access IdentD, Telnet or Finger services.  I have done 
several searches and they all tend to refer to an inetd.conf which I assume 
under fedora is xinetd.conf.  I have made the many suggested changes and 
have also contacted my ISP Tech helpdesk and Linksys's helpdesk but nothing 
seems to resolve the issue.

Does anyone have any ideas why I get an error of "Could not open connection 
to the host, on port 23: Connect failed" or "> Finger: connect::Connection 
refused" when using these services?  I think it may have to do with the 
host.allow and host.deny files but these are both empty at the moment.  Any 
help would be appreciated.

Thomas Sapp

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