MySQL 4 and Related Programs

Ryan R. La Mothe ryanrlamothe at
Sun Jul 4 06:52:38 UTC 2004

I am sick of waiting for both MySQL and Redhat to pull their heads out of their a*ses, and I was about 1 inch away from going with a straight PostgreSQL install (which I may just do anyway...but I have too many corporate clients using MySQL at the moment), so I decided to build MySQL 4.0.20, PHP, and all the other needed modules I had to uninstall when ripping out MySQL 3.2.x using the instructions found at: (I updated the SPEC file to point to 4.0.20 instead of 4.0.17)

I have done this on a fresh Redhat Fedora Core 2 installation with all current updates as of today using up2date.

Where can I go to post these RPM's for other people to download?  Should I send an email to different repositories?

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