ALSA Loquitech QuickCam Pro 4000 incompatible with Motherboard AC97 Codec

Daniel Ulfe danielulfe at
Sun Jul 4 22:06:18 UTC 2004

Hello. I have an ABIT AI7 based PC. This motherboard has Realtek
ALC658 audio codec that works properly with Fedora Core 2 AC97
compatible codec. I configue sound with "system-config-soundcard" and
test-soud works properly. When I boot with an USB Logitech QuicCam Pro
4000 connected, kudzu recognize this device (I really don't know whit
kudzu recognize up to 5 times in the same boot). Afther this boot soud
doesn't work.

I suspect this Cam has integrated mic and is detected as card0 in ALSA
and Realtek codec as a card1 and all configuration is wrong. Afther
this I try again "system-config-soundcard" but sound still doen't

cat /proc/asound/card0/codec97#0/ac97#0-0
0-0/0: Realtek ALC658 rev 0
Revision         : 0x00
Compat. Class    : 0x00
Subsys. Vendor ID: 0x8086
Subsys. ID       : 0x1234
Capabilities     :
DAC resolution   : 20-bit
ADC resolution   : 18-bit
3D enhancement   : No 3D Stereo Enhancement
Current setup
Mic gain         : +20dB [+20dB]
POP path         : pre 3D
Sim. stereo      : off
3D enhancement   : off
Loudness         : off
Mono output      : MIX
Mic select       : Mic1
ADC/DAC loopback : off
Extended ID      : codec=0 rev=2 LDAC SDAC CDAC DSA=0 SPDIF DRA VRA
Extended status  : LDAC SDAC CDAC SPDIF=3/4 SPDIF VRA
PCM front DAC    : 44100Hz
PCM Surr DAC     : 44100Hz
PCM LFE DAC      : 44100Hz
PCM ADC          : 48000Hz
SPDIF Control    : Consumer PCM Category=0x2 Generation=1 Rate=48kHz

When i boot with Cam I can see /proc/asound/card0 and /proc/asound/card1

Realtek is on card1 and I suspect that USB Mic is in card0.

If I boot without Cam connected, Realtek codec works properly again.
If I want soud I must disconnect Cam before boot.

What happens here? any clue?



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