Cut and Paste

jonathan jefferies jonathanjefferies at
Wed Jul 7 14:31:08 UTC 2004

stefan gastaldon wrote:

> jonathan jefferies wrote:
>> I have a dual boot of RedHat 9.0 and Fedora Core 2
>> with a track wheel as the center button.
>> With RH9.0 I can select text for copying simply by
>> holding down with the left most mouse button and then
>> paste using the center button. With Fedora I am not
>> able to use the same technique but find that in all
>> windows I have to select with the left most button,
>> then depress the right mouse button and select "copy".
>> And in order to paste I have to locate the window and
>> line, click the left most mouse button again
>> and then press the right most mouse button and
>> select "Paste" from the drop down menu. True this does
>> appear to work both in plain windows and apps like
>> Mozilla but I would prefer to also have the option
>> of using the center mouse button to paste without
>> having to do the drop down menu selection. Also I've
>> noticed that if I leave my "X" environment I do not
>> have cut and paste capabilities in the F1-F6 login
>> windows.
>> Any suggestions as to where this is controlled from?
>> And if "gpm" is the answer where should it be started
>> from, i.e. how to invoke the server?
>> Thanks
>> J.
> it does sound like gpm not running
> use the gui tool system-config-services to turn on gpm
> or menu -> system settings -> server settings -> services

Hi Stef and all,
I just checked and gpm is running. Which leaves me thinking
William is possibly correct that there's a config file somewheres
that's not quite right. I did check the non-X logins i.e. F1-F6
and found that I can copy and paste but have to use the left
and right mouse buttons not the left and center. Which I "think"
is new behavior. Any suggestions as to how to get "X" to
do the same??


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