Update from FC1 to FC2

Wayne Steenburg w.steenburg at myactv.net
Wed Jul 7 18:10:04 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-07 at 11:07, Brian A. Kee wrote:
> Seems like there should be a way to perform an upgrade without booting from
> a CDROM. In my case, several of the systems that I operate/maintain are at
> remote locations. I like to keep them fairly up to date, however I do not
> wish to travel to each site every year or so to upgrade the system manually
> (not to mention the downtime associated with the upgrade). I am trying to
> come up with a way upgrade them via RPM updates only. There has to be a way
> to deal with this.


I've never tried this but...

Apt-get is a package management tool that has been ported from debian. 
I use it for updating my system.  It has an option called
"dist-upgrade".  This intelligently handles dependencies so that one can
upgrade from one release to another.  To go about this you would need to
install the apt rpm from fedora.us or similar site for your current
release (FC1).  You then need to configure the sources.list file and/or
contents or the sources.list.d directory to only have the core and
possibly the update directories for the desired release (FC2).  You then
run as root "apt-get update" to update the sources and "apt-get
dist-upgrade" to update your system to current.  I remember seeing some
posts on this list from people who did this successfully. However, you
might want to ask on this list (perhaps in a new thread) to get some
feedback first.  Especially if these are critical systems.  I hope that
this is more like what you're looking for.

Wayne Steenburg

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