Problems Installing Fedora Core 2

Alfred Johnson adj at
Thu Jul 8 16:16:50 UTC 2004

I had the same problem.  Got around the problem by specifying linux noprobe 
on the install boot.  It doesn't stop there,  when I reboot I must put 
noprobe on the kernel parameter line or it will hang on re-boot.  Now its 
to the point that I must physically disconnect the power cord to re-boot 
the bloody machine.

If that's not enough FC2 hangs on shutdown, which means I must repair the 
root file system on each boot.

There are definitely problems with probing in FC2.  I first installed FC1 
without any issues at all on installation or rebooting.  Don't know if FC2 
probing issue is older equipment, firmware on cards or just FC2 software 

The good news is when it comes up, it runs like nothing else.  I mean it 
really is fast.

I'm using Dell Dimension 8100 w/ XP2 BIOS, 1GB RAM, 60GB Disk, NVIDA 
Geoforce2 with 8MB VRAM.

At 08:44 AM 7/8/04, you wrote:
>Hello All-
>I usually don't join and then immediately post, but these problems with
>Fedora are driving me nuts. But I am wonder if anyone here can help.
>The first three are minor problems, then I will get to the big one.
>My System Configuration:
>AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1.2ghz
>Asus A7V133 (KT133A Chip) Motherboard
>768MB PC133 RAM
>ATI All-In-Wonder 7500
>Dell D1226H 19" Monitor
>3Com 3c905x Network Card
>Linksys WMP54G "Wireless-G" Network Card
>Adaptec AIC-7850 PCI SCSI Card
>Promise ATA100 UIDE Controller (on board)
>Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! Value
>VIA USB Controller
>Samsung SM-352B 52x CDR/RW + DVD Drive
>Aopen 32X CDROM Drive
>Microsoft Wheel Optical USB Mouse
>Dell "Internet" Keyboard USB
>HP OfficeJet K80 (connected via USB)
>(Yes I have no free slots in my computer!)
>Hard Drive Configuration:
>(on-board IDE controller)
>IDE 1:1 --> Samsung CDR/RW/DVD Drive
>IDE 1:2 --> Open
>IDE 2:1 --> Aopen 32x CDROM Drive
>IDE 2:2 --> Open
>(Promise UIDE Controller)
>UIDE 1:1 --> Western Digital 80GB Drive
>/dev/hde1 --> <swap> - 1024mb - Swap FS
>/dev/hde2 --> /boot - 150mb - Ext3
>/dev/hde3 --> C:\ (Windows XP) - 60GB - NTFS
>/dev/hde4 --> / - 16GB - Ext3
>UIDE 1:2 --> IBM DeathStar erm I mean Desktar - 75GB
>/dev/hdf1 --> D:\ - 75GB - NTFS
>UIDE 2:1 --> Maxtor 80GB
>/dev/hdg1 --> E:\ - 80GB - NTFS
>UIDE 2:2 --> Open
>Other System Notes: I have "Plug N Play OS" set to "No" in the BIOS. (helps
>with video capturing in Windoze). There is also no way to 'control' the
>Promise controller (as you would in the BIOS). It truly is "plug N pray" and
>auto detects my drives as "Ultra DMA 5"
>Now on to the problems...
>Problem #1
>I cannot use a USB to PS/2 Mouse converter with my Microsoft Wheel Mouse
>Optical USB. I can only use it as a USB mouse. This is not a total bad
>thing, but I like my USB ports free for other things.
>Problem #2
>Installer does not set the /boot partition as the active parition, instead
>it keeps my Windows partition as the active partition. This would not make
>grub accessible. Once I was able to change the active paritition to my /boot
>partition, I could get the grub loader screen, and load into Linux and/or
>Windows XP.
>Maybe I have not setup a dual boot system in a while, but I could have swore
>that the older redhat installers set the active partition to be the /boot
>partition (where applicable). Maybe I am wrong?
>Problem #3
>I get this message when installing..
>"Unable to align partition properly. This probably means that another
>partition tool generated an incorrect partition table, because it didnt have
>the correct BIOS geometry. It is safe to ignore, but ignoring may cause
>(fixable) problems with boot loaders."
>I just ignore it because I did at one point get linux to load, and it did
>not effect the boot loader.
>Problem #4 (The big one)
>Problem: Installer locks up after I select "Custom", then select "Next" from
>the installer GUI.
>First off, I have to say that I did get it to install at one point because I
>used Text mode. However, even after I got it to install, it locked up on
>I can replicate this problem over and over again, and it locks up at the
>same exact place. I cannot get past this point.
>Things I've Tried:
>1. Installing via text mode. Which works, but now locks up on startup
>2. I've checked the CDs for errors, No problems using Media Check
>3. Ram a Memtest86. Ran this overnight, no issues
>4. Manually resized the hard drive with kernel params. Did not help (nor did
>not remove that error message)
>5. Turned off Power Management in BIOS. Did not help.
>6. Passed noapic noalcpic arguments to kernel. Did not help.
>7. Thought maybe it was a heating issue. Took off covers, left it off
>overnight and tried again. No Workie.
>If it means anything, I can replicate a similar problem when trying to load
>Mandrake 10.0. But I've never had a problem with Windows XP, but then again
>it *IS* Windows :)
>Any help on these problems (particually #4) is greatly appreciated.
>-- Kris

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