Nvidia drivers and FC2

Phil Dybvig fedora at ducksoup.afree.net
Fri Jul 9 09:04:53 UTC 2004

Julien --

>>>Anyone got this issue? What must i do to have X launching just once and 
>>>not trying every display it can?

In the sample file /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/XF86Config.sample, there are a 
lot of a lot of ServerLayout configurations at the end.  If you have something 
like this, I suggest commenting out (using # ) all but the one you are not 
using.  (If you really need more than one, I am sure there is a way of 
introducing the -layout option when X is called, but I don't know the right 
place to do this; personally, I use runlevel 3 and call xinit myself.)  If this 
does not help, I suggest posting your xorg.conf file either here or probably 
better on the NVidia linux driver on FC2 forum.  Without your configuration 
file, everyone is just guessing.

-- Phil

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