AC 97 Sound Question & Other Comments

Kris Haight khaight at
Fri Jul 9 16:41:43 UTC 2004

Hey All-

First off I want to thank everyone for their help with my problems
installing Fedora. I've got it running now and its a beauty. 

However, Kudzu ("Checking For New Hardware") still locks up on occasion on
startup. I think I am going to just remove it from startup and manually
running kudzu when I install hardware (which will be rare). Atleast until
the probing in Fedora gets a bit better.

Other than that.. I updated and recompiled (for NTFS support) to kernel
2.6.6 and its workin nicely and it got rid of that nasty 'power down'
problem I was having with my DeathStar hard drive.

Also, I reinstalled one final time and used fdisk to setup my partitions. It
did not make that "Unable to align partition properly..." message go away.
Well that is if, when I installed Windows, the Windows XP Installer didn't
change it back. It probuably did, as I notice that size of my partitions
varied between Windows Installer and fdisk and Disk Druid.

Speaking of disk druid. It did not ask me anywhere if I wanted to make my /
partition the active partition. So yes, I still had to do a 'rescue' and
change it manually with fdisk. (incase anyone was wondering for their Dual
XP/Fedora installations)


Now on to a question...

I helped a friend install Fedora last weekend (which is what prompted me to
do my system), and we were having troubles with his on-board AC97 Sound
Card. After fiddling with it, we realized we could only use the CLI utility

Does anyone know how to make the X-windows/Gnome ones work with that sound
card? Or any suggestions on how to get it working properly? My friend is
kinda linux-dumb, but needs it for his mpeg4live server (yes really, which
works NICE btw).

Again, TIA!

-- Kris

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