rpm stalls forever

Peter Teuben teuben at astro.umd.edu
Sat Jul 10 02:10:38 UTC 2004

i've had this before, i suspect some race condition, or in the past
you interrupted (^C) some rpm task and the database I/O didn't get
cleaned up.  Have a look in /var/lib/rpm if there are some big odd
files lying around with a one old timestamp.  __db.001 or so come
to mind.  Remove them manually and i bet your rpm updates will be
ok again.   I think i found this by searching on the redhat bugzilla

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Samsara Zeal wrote:

> I am using Fedora Core 2. 
> I just upgrade from FC1 to FC2 by using CDs.
> And know I found I can not use command "rpm"
> whenever I use rpm, it stalls forever.
> even I use "rpm --verbose",  it still no any output given.
> I have no idea about this.
> Is there any solution for this?
> Thanks.

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