nvidia and gl

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Jul 11 10:06:02 UTC 2004

On Sunday 11 July 2004 03:56, Nifty Hat Mitch wrote:
>On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 10:29:27AM -0500, Jeff Vian wrote:
>> On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 06:53, Mogens Kjaer wrote:
>> > Jeff Vian wrote:
>> > ...
>> >
>> > > My entire xorg.conf file can be sent if needed.
>> >
>> > The /var/log/Xorg.0.log file would be more interesting.
>> >
>> > Mogens
>> Sorry if this becomes a duplicate.  I sent it but another message
>> I
>It did...
>> The xorg.0/log follows:
>> --------------
>That looks as if the right driver has loaded
>now look at the libraries that get loaded.
>What do you see if you do this:
>    $ strace -f -o /tmp/trace-glxgears glxgears
>    472 frames in 5.0 seconds = 1024.400 FPS
>    $ grep lib /tmp/trace-glxgears
>    6018  open("/usr/lib/libGL.so.1", O_RDONLY) = 3
>    ....
>The key is that non of the libraries should be Mesa GL libraries.  I
>recently did a "by the numbers reinstall" of the nVidia package
> because a Mesa update conflict with libraries.   Not only a kernel
> update but Mesa and other X11 libs will invite a reinstall.
>Watch out for tls libs.  Some funky stuff was going on with those

I wonder if that was the reason for the funky key repeats and very 
slow screen updates of the cursor position back when I had an nvidia 
card in here, but thought I was running the nv driver.  When I had to 
buy another card, it was an ati, and I went thru the system nukeing 
nvidia version named libraries and the std named softlinks to them, 
and re-pulling them out of the XFree86 archives as required.

To make a long story short, I've not had the sluggish key repeat or 
cursor position update problem since.  Fixing my faty fingered typu's 
is now once again smooth and easy.

Cheers, Gene
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