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D. D. Brierton darren at dzr-web.com
Mon Jul 12 14:46:39 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 15:05, Steven Stern wrote:
> I've been asked to set up a discussion board for a small group of
> people. Some want to access via the web. Some prefer to treat it as a
> mailing list. Yet others want to use newsgroup software to access via
> Is there a free, opensource platform that accomplishes this?  I see
> lots of good forum software and good mailing list software and good
> news server software, but not much that does two of the three or all
> three.

I believe that gmame does what you want. I'm sure one of the
repositories is packaging it. I haven't used it myself, but I believe it
does the three things you want.

Best, Darren

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