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Mon Jul 12 19:23:10 UTC 2004

Am Mo, den 12.07.2004 schrieb James Kosin um 20:54:

> Background:
> 	I'm trying to setup a secure SMTP connection.  I have everything setup;
> but, I have a stumbling block as I see it.  My machine has multiple host
> names.

You don't say which MTA you are using. That is important information.

You host can't have multiple host names. You mean you have maybe
multiple IPs, but certainly multiple domains resolving to your box

> Questions:
> 1)  Can you build more than one certificate to be used?  I'm not sure how...

Don't think so. With Sendmail this is not possible, with Postfix IMHO

> 2)  How do you add certificates to an existing PEM file?

Only one certificate per pem file possible.

> 3)  Do I need to setup anything different?

Use 1 single hostname for the SMTP server, like mail.domainfoo.tld. Let
all domains use this mail server name.

> James Kosin


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