Still can't make yum.conf to install mplayer from livna

Barry Yu barryyupuilee at
Tue Jul 13 06:32:09 UTC 2004

Gerald Thompson wrote:

> Andrew Konosky wrote:
>> Okay, the reason it won't work is because it can't find the rpm for 
>> libpostproc,
>> Next, for the first server, Fedora Core 2 Base, enable the primary 
>> server. You have all the mirrors, but the main server is commented out.
> Andrew has exactly the reason you are having an issue;
> libpostproc is part of the base packages and you don't currently have 
> it installed.
> after you uncomment your base packages server group you should be able 
> to find the rpm you require when doing the install of mplayer.
> I highly recommend that you do what Andrew suggested about the test or 
> unstable servers, either remove all entries to them or comment them 
> out with # (hash) marks at the beginning of each line.
> Sincerely,
> Gerald Thompson
Before I post this mail again, I actually had tried almost 2 hours, and 
I know that as I commented out the freshrpms repository, I could have 
the mplayer downloaded and make it sing and dance: Yesterday I  have 
already found that freshrpms is the repository that I could yum install 
the mplayer from, and I failed with livna.
Even I comment out everything with in the main repository and fedora 
extras ( except gpg check=1) , I still got the same yum install failure.
However this moring few mails adviced me that the livna shuold work as 
long as you use fedora extras to go with it together, but I still can 
not yum install the mplayer as I used the sample yum.conf, and my 
intention is not to use many unecessary repositories, so I want to try,  
and I want to know what have I missed in that sample yum.conf I copied 
from, because in my current level I can't see what's wrong 
with it. My point is if other people certified that can yum install the 
mplayer and I failed, that means I need to understand the use of 
yum.conf further.

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