Still can't make yum.conf to install mplayer from livna

Barry Yu barryyupuilee at
Wed Jul 14 01:22:13 UTC 2004

Andrew Konosky wrote:

> "However this moring few mails adviced me that the livna shuold work 
> as long as you use fedora extras to go with it together, but I still 
> can not yum install the mplayer as I used the sample yum.conf, and my 
> intention is not to use many unecessary repositories, so I want to 
> try,  and I want to know what have I missed in that sample yum.conf I 
> copied from, because in my current level I can't see what's 
> wrong with it. My point is if other people certified that can yum 
> install the mplayer and I failed, that means I need to understand the 
> use of yum.conf further."
> Well, as I said before, the alternate repositoires /ARE/ necessary if 
> the ones you are using now don't work. That's why I said you should 
> use them by removing the # in front of them. Anything with a # at the 
> beginning of the line /*is not*/ part of the config file. It is 
> considered a comment. In order to activate the alternate repositories, 
> delete the #'s. *Deactivate the testing and unstable servers by/ 
> putting/ comments in front of them!
> *
> Now, since you are worried about extra unneccessary servers, you need 
> to make multiple config files. Set yum.conf, which is the default, to 
> use what servers you want to use regularly and comment out the rest. 
> When you use yum, it will only use these servers. But if something, 
> like mplayer, won't work with you default servers, you can try 
> different servers. Make a copy of the yum.conf, rename it to something 
> like yum-all.conf. You can make a yum-livina.conf to only use the 
> livina repository.
> To use multiple config files, use the -c option. For example:
> [root at localhost root]# yum install mplayer    -     uses default yum.conf
> [root at localhost root]# yum -c /etc/yum-all.conf install mplayer     
> -     uses config file with all servers enabled
> [root at localhost root]# yum -c /etc/yum-livina.conf    -    uses only 
> livina servers
Andrew, Many thanks for the tip of using multiple config files, it is 
real a big help in using yum - I actually had started making multiple 
config file like : yum.config.orig, yum.config.livna, 
yum.config.SeaMonkey etc. , when ever I have a desured repository to 
use, I just cp /etc/yum.conf.xxxxx     /etc/yum.conf , and then confirm 
to override . But this time you give me a new and better way of using 
the yum.conf, thanks again.

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