official way to recompile kernel

Steven Op de beeck steven at
Wed Jul 14 13:36:16 UTC 2004

Florin Andrei wrote:
> So, i download the kernel...src.rpm, then rpm -ivh, then... ?

This is what I did:

1) Install the kernel-source
2) Install the kernel.src.rpm (like you suggested)
3) It will supply you with a lot of .config files for different 
architectures in SOURCES/kernel-{version}
4) Go to the sources folder of your current installed kernel (where 
kernel-source was installed too) /usr/src/kernel-{version}
5) run from there: make menuconfig|xconfig|gconfig (pick one you like)
6) Load the kernel config applying to your system (from 
SOURCES/kernel-{version}/ (see 3.)
7) Find the preemption option and turn it on
8) save your config to SOURCES/kernel-{version}, overwriting the one 
you loaded in 6. (make backups if you like)
9) goto SPECS/ (or to the folder that contains kernel.spec from the 
10) run screen nice rpmbuild -bb --clean kernel.spec
11) Wait...
12) Wait some more
96) You have your kernel rpms in RPMS/{arch}/

Note: You can edit de .spec file if you don't need smp, and want it to 
build the kernel source.

%define buildup 1
%define buildsmp 0
%define buildsource 1

Or to add patches, etc.


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