External links causes new browser start

Steven Usdansky usdanskys at rocketmail.com
Thu Jul 15 11:36:16 UTC 2004

I found the following script, firefox_helper.sh,  useful (sorry I can't give
proper credit, but I didn't note the source):


  export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/local/firefox"

  if [ -z "`ps x | grep \"[0-9] ${FIREBIRD_PATH}/firefox-bin\"`" ]; then
      # No MozillaFirebird running
      ${FIREBIRD_PATH}/firefox $@
      # MozillaFirebird running - open a new window
      ${FIREBIRD_PATH}/mozilla-xremote-client "openURL($@,new-tab)"

In Gnome Menu -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications I changed the Web Browser
to Custom with Command: firefox_helper.sh %s
Steven I. Usdansky, PhD
Traveling Geologist

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