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Thu Jul 15 14:09:47 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 16:00 +0200, antonio montagnani wrote:
> very old: latest Qcad is not free any longer (unless you compile it)
> Microstation not supported any longer by Bentley (or Intergraph)

Phew, you scared me to white hairs :)

Qcad 2.0.3 is indeed Free Software:

Community Edition (Sources)
qcad- (5MB) 
QCad sources released under the GPL.    <-------- hence, Free Software

dxflib, fparser, qcadlib, qcadcmd, qcadactions, qcadguiqt and QCad - all
in one tar ball. Includes script to build everything from scratch. Does
not contain scripting module. Requirements: Qt developer edition. Please
understand that we cannot offer free support for compiling these sources
on your platform.

So what they're probably doing is to distribute binaries that are not
Free Software (they probably own all the copyrights on Qcad code) and
sell support for them.

There's no compile restriction. They just don't provide you binaries.

The OpenBSD guys also don't distribute CDs online, they do sell CDs as a
way to get income.


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