installing FC2

Mathew Brown mbrown0420 at
Thu Jul 15 17:45:20 UTC 2004

Had you read my message I said i'm trying to fix the problem with the video
drivers. and yes i used what the other guy mentioned. what i want is to know
how to install FC2 on the same HD as my xp home and NOT Screw up the boot
sector, i've tested all the media i've downloaded and it all tests fine,
i've even downloaded 2 extra disk 1's and they're fine, i've got a DVD
version too, i'm on a 4meg dsl so it's not long to download.

anyways, I want to install the FC2 on this drive with xp on it. XP is on C
and D And E are just full of stuff i downloaded. Can i install FC2 and XP on
the same machine was the question, and i don't know how this post works, i
subscribe through the e-mail and i get about 2000 e-mails a day, sorry for
the 1 inconvenient post.

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> On 07/15/2004 01:10 PM, Mathew Brown wrote:
> > Hello, I'm new to linux (like you need my grief lol) but I've
> > installed FC2 twice now, trying to resolve the video driver problem i
> > am having, the initial install runs fine, soon as i update the nvidia
> > drivers using the gui updater it only loads to shell, i'm still trying
> > to fix that problem, but I want to install linux to run along side of
> > my xp home because i'm not having much luck with linux and my video
> > driver.
> >
> > When I start to install FC2 it gives me an error about checksum or
> > something that may cause (Fixable problems) with some other loaders,
> > do i wish to ignore or to cancel.
> > If I ignore it, it will partition it fine etc. works great if i use my
> > whole drive, but when I get the video problem with the nvidia driver
> > and only get a shell, i'm pretty well done for. and when i try to
> > install windows again, I have to hook up my floopy drive, fdisk it,
> > and then format it and then do fdisk /mbr in order for the boot record
> > to recognize there's an os on it. otherwise, if i just fdisk, format
> > install windows xp it finishes installing it and when it goes to boot
> > from hd it says no bootable disk detected.
> >
> > I know i'm new, and it's probably a 30 second thing for some or most
> > of you but can someone please tell me how the hell to do this?
> >
> Instead of posting new messages on the same topic, you should reply to
> your existing messages and responses. Many of us read this list in
> "threaded" fashion, which keeps messages in one topic grouped together.
> When you post a new message like this, the threads get split up.
> The checksum error may very well indicate a problem with your
> installation media, that is, the CD's. If you send us the error exactly
> someone can probably tell you more. But maybe starting with a new
> download of the CD's wouldn't hurt.
> It's been hard to tell from your postings why X is not starting up. Is
> it failing with errors, or is it just not starting? Did you try the
> "startx" command that another post (from netmask) suggested, to get the
> error log? That was good advice that you should try.
> --Matt
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