Can squid solve this problem??

Manuel Stadelmann fedora at
Fri Jul 16 11:43:24 UTC 2004

Hi David

david wrote:
> I would like 2 block out the internet connection & b able to turn it on
> for each classroom.
> I hav setup squid as per the linux tutorials & it works great but I cant
> see how
> Can I solve my problem.
> Class a has 20 machines running nt client 4.0
> Class b has also 20 with NT 4.0
> Class c has 15 & with NT 4.0 
> I was thinking something like a dhcp type leasing system where ips are
> pooled together.

I did something like it about two years ago.
I used the Squid redirect feature.

My setup was something like this:

- All clients have fixed IPs. Each classrom has his own subnet.
- I wrote a CGI-Script in perl that writes the denied IP or Netranges in 
a file
- The redirectors read this file periodically and act accordingly.
   If the client is listed in the blocking file, it's request gets 
redirected to a "access-banned-errorpage".

for a quick overwiew on this subject.

Also might have something interesting.

Unfortunately I can't send you the scripts right away, because I don't 
work there any longer. But if you are seriously interested, I can invoke 
some old connections and get it.

CU Manuel

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