Red Carpet available for FC2 -- please try it out

D. D. Brierton darren at
Fri Jul 16 13:34:09 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 17:44, Jim Higson wrote:
> I can't find (much) information on how RedCarpet works - is it just a front 
> end like synaptic, or a whole upgrade and install method?
> If the former then great! Otherwise I'm cautious. apt and yum do the 
> background work very well (although they could have better gui interfaces) 
> three upgrade agents seems too many.

Vladimir (the packager of Red Carpet for FC2) said this on the rc-devel

> Red Carpet (or, more accurately, the Red Carpet Daemon) talks directly
> to rpm via librpm; it is not a front end to yum/apt/etc.  RC existed
> (I believe) before yum, probably at a time close to when apt-rpm was
> first being worked on.  Red Carpet also has a number of features that
> apt/yum do not have -- the ability to give non-root users the right to
> install/upgrade packages (limited by source channel), and the ability
> to manage packages on a remote system through the same interface
> (either rug or red-carpet), if the rcd daemon is enabled to talk to
> the network.  I think both of these would be great features for
> Fedora.

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