Would you put web-server on the same machine as your company internal database?

Mark Eggers mdeggers at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 16 19:00:37 UTC 2004


While your intentions are noble, I think you need to redirect your

If you are leaving the company, there are a few things that must happen.

1. Freeze the system
   No software upgrades
   No architectural changes
   No process changes

The only changes that are allowed are those that fix business-critical


2. Create a clean snapshot backup

Ideally, you should be able to completely rebuild your environment from
a clean OS install and your backup.  No recompiles, no editing of the
configuration files, nothing.  Install OS, restore info, and you should
be operational.


The audience for your documentation depends on how your company is
planning to manage your duties once you leave.

I can go into great gory details on what needs to be documented, and how
it should be documented if you wish.  However, a short story might give
you the general idea.

I used to teach advanced organic chemistry in college while I was
getting my graduate degree.  I was known as a tough teacher, in part
because I required my students to think in order to earn an A . . .
regurgitating information was good for only a B.

Anyway, there were two fundamental requirements for all lab books.

1. The material in the lab book must be correct
2. With nothing more than the lab book and my knowledge of chemistry, I
MUST be able to COMPLETELY reproduce the work.

I was tolerant of spelling mistakes, sloppy writing, or poor grammar. 
However, if any of these creative habits placed barriers between me and
reproducing the work, the grade was lowered by one letter.

No excuses . . . . no mercy.

I suggest that you pick your audience (new system admin from within the
company, new system admin from outside the company, consultant, etc.)
and write accordingly.

I have had to clean up after the abrupt departure of a system
administrator.  The environment consisted of 200+ machines running three
major operating systems (HP-UX, Irix, SunOS) and 5 different versions.

I could not format and re-install.  Engineers and manufacturing plants
have a difficult time with that tactic.

I'll just say it was a very interesting month.

just my (vocal) two cents . . . .

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