Core 3 Release 1 - SELinux is activated by default

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Fri Jul 16 22:08:39 UTC 2004

Terry Linhardt wrote:
> I note that in Core 3, Release 1, SELinux is activated by default. 
> My impression (albeit from VERY little experience in Core 2) is that
> SELinux is a significantly different beast. If my assumption is correct
> that a certain learning curve is involved, I question whether SELinux
> should be activated by default.
> Just some thoughts.
> Thanks...Terry

Relating back to all the limitations that SELinux had to prevent files 
from installing, not allowing certain applications to work as they have 
for several distributions, it is great that SELinux was not enabled 
default for FC2.

The people supporting SELInux have come up with a better targeted method 
for enforcement. I think that this approach is a much better aproach to 
concentrate on protecting.

I upgraded a system and was bitten early on by SELinux which was just 
the existence of a directory called /selinux.

I'll try to enable it on a clean install later. So far, it seems that 
there are not a lot of failures caused by the new direction that SELinux 
has taken.

We'll see the SELinux related bugs with more testers probably. I 
inquired about a USB problem that locked up a system on boot. This was 
not related to SELinux.

Let's hope that the testers and the developers caught most before FC3T1 
was made available.


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