Gaim Upload

Chris McD theratpack91 at
Sun Jul 18 18:07:05 UTC 2004

Tim Raats wrote:
> Op zo 18-07-2004, om 12:37 +0100 uur schreef Roger Beever:
>>i can't address the actual 
> I have a Broadbandt cable connection. Normally when I upload to FTPs my
> upload is about 64kb/s (512 kB/s). But when I send a file with gaim to a
> friend I only have 6 kb/s (48 kB/s). And my question was if it was
> possible to increase the uploadspeed in gaim to +- 64 kb/s (512 kB/s)

you keep on referring to kilobits as kb and kilobytes as kB when in fact 
it is the other way round since bytes are bigger than bits.


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