Fedora Core 2 boot floppy issue

thierry linux at glossolalie.org
Tue Jul 20 17:52:35 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-07-20 at 17:54, David Nedrow wrote:
> I need to come up with a single boot floppy in order to do remote 
> installs via Compaq REmote Lights Out boards. These are older boards 
> that do not support virtual CDs, so I'm stuck with creating a boot floppy.
> I've got a boot floppy that seems to work with one exception:
> When it attemps to load the netstg2.img file, it looks under 
> .../core/2/i386/os/RedHat/base, rather than .../core/2/i386/os/Fedora/base.
> What's happening here? I've tried the files from both boot.img and 
> bootdisk.img from the images dir on the FC2 direction but the same 
> incorrect path occurs. Interestingly enough, if I burn the original 
> boot.img to a CD, it works fine.
> Any ideas?
> -David
Have you considered Altiris Rapid Deployment Package?
Have a look at the hp website for Rapid Deployment it will bring you to
their product.
You never know...

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