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On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 17:45 -0400, John Dangler wrote:
>> I have had to download sources for httpd, php, etc for my existing FC2
>>installation (originally installed from .iso).  I noticed that the
>>executable for httpd is currently installed in /usr/sbin, and the modules
>>are currently installed in /usr/lib/httpd.  Is it safe to configure httpd
>>to be installed in the same paths as the original, or is it more advisable
>>to begin using /usr/local for these (and other added packages) and clean
>>up the existing entries afterward?

> I would recommend using /usr/local for packages not installed from rpm
> (unless other constraints such as network storage are at play), or using
> the sources to build new rpms for installation.
> Otherwise, overwriting the files provided by an rpm installation will
> confuse rpm and cause its database to no longer reflect reality.

Thanks for the reply.  Do I then need to clean up the existing versions, or
is there a utility of some kind for 'sync-ing' the two, or do I not need to
worry about them?
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