[FC1], 2.6.8-rc2 kernel, new motherboard problems

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Jul 22 03:26:03 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 21 July 2004 22:50, Price Technology wrote:
>Per his earlier posts, he seems to have an onboard NIC without a
> "burned in" MAC.  I'm not familiar with NVidia making NIC's, but my
> Son has a winders gaming system which has a Asus board with NVidia
> everything. (except NIC)
>Now to the original issue:
>Pardon if I am making incorrect assumptions, but I would go back
> through the manual that came with the MoBo and try to find some
> reference to a "default" MAC if for no other reason than knowing
> you at least have the right manufacturer's prefix.

There is no default address, if you turn it on for the first time in 
the bios settings, it opens a text entry window and asks for an 
address.  I'd assume if it had a default, it would show there, but 
its blank until you fill it in.

>Try the following url, if the above proves in vain:
>It's a cross-reference of MAC to Manufacturer and vice versa.

Ok, I'll check that out right now.  brb.  Humm, it lists Nvidia as 
having the first 24 bits of 00044B.  I'll change that the next time I 
reboot, many thanks.

Cheers, Gene
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