Printing to a Windows print server with Samba

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> Hi,
> all printers in my network are connected to machines running Windows and
> i have no local printer connected to my Linux box.
> I know that this can be accomplished by using Samba. I have Samba
> services running on my PC and i'm able to connect to some network file
> shares on Windows computers, but i cannot get to print on those servers.
> I've tried to use the FC2 printer config. utility to connect to a
> network printer using SMB protocol. But with no success :(
> Can anyone give some advice?
> Thanks a lot,
> AL

Haven't tried this in FC2, but I have this working fine in FC1....
It depends on what you mean by "Windows computers". 

My home setup is:

- Linux FC1 system
- HP 890CSE printer connected (parallel port) to Windows XP/Home system

I used the printconf-gui to set this up.

The key is that CUPS talking to XP/Home REQUIRES a login/password.
Create one on the XP box (mine is "printer"/"printer"). This information
is filled in on the "Queue type" tab (edit) or "Queue type" -> "Specify" button
if doing this via "new".

Obviously, you need to know your share name and workgroup names for the MS

It took me a while to find this jewel of info on the net, but once I found
out that I *had* to use a login/password, it worked first try...

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