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Am Fr, den 23.07.2004 schrieb John Dangler um 16:11:

Preface: why do you fiddle around with the source tarballs? Apache2 is
available in version 2.0.50 for FC1 and FC2.

> Is there a 'preferred' method of validating/using keys?

Install the GPG key of the repository manager into your rpm database and
validate packages against that key.

> I had a recommendation earlier for using gnugpg (although I'm somewhat new
> to Linux, so I'm still learning about keys and usage), but I just downloaded
> a fresh copy of Apache and they recommend validating using either pgp/gpg or
> md5.

md5sum foo
--> will print out a md5 sum which you can compare with the given md5
sum on the website for the download.

For GPG/PGP keys use gpg command to verify the signature. The Apache
site for instance explains the needed steps in detail:

> John Dangler


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