Public Apology

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at
Fri Jul 23 15:00:02 UTC 2004


I'd like to apologize for having gone somewhat ballistic these past few 
months.  When RHL became FC and changed directions and philosophies, I 
guess I lost it.  Reading past emails, it's become apparent that it wasn't 
a pretty sight.

Fedora Core looks like it's going to do a bang-up job of meeting it's 
stated purpose: being a bleeding-edge testing ground for new technologies.  
I wish y'all the best, it's been an interesting ride!

As for me, I've found that White Box Enterprise Linux is *exactly* what I 
need at the moment.  Free, so that I can experiment at home, yet based on 
RHEL, so that what I learn will be relevant at work and for 

I've publicly questioned RH's motives during their change of direction, 
and for this I also apologize.  As was pointed out on the WBEL list, WBEL, 
Tao, and other RHEL-derived distros are only possible because of RedHat's 
incredible support of the Open Source community.  No other company is 
providing the kind of support and community involvement that RH does.

So:  I'll be leaving the Fedora list sometime Monday or Tuesday, and will 
be concentrating on WBEL for now.  I may check in on FC 3 or FC 4, just to 
see how things are going.  I expect quite spirited progress, if past 
experience is any guide. :)

Take care, and God Bless,


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