Pesky virus

roger2 roger2 at
Fri Jul 23 15:21:54 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-07-23 at 16:14, Michael Sullivan wrote:
> I've got a small problem.  Last week I received in my
> email account an email from someone I don't know
> with an .exe file as an attachment.  Naturally I assumed that this was a
> virus, and wrote back to the email address it was from informing them
> that they had a virus.  I've received several similar emails on through
> the week, most were unique but all followed the same format:  One line
> of text and then the attachment link, usually a .exe or a .zip file.  I
> haven't opened any of them, but in the past couple of days I've begun
> seeing them in my email accounts.  I wasn't too worried
> about it until this morning, when I received a message from another SMTP
> server saying that my mail was undeliverable to some person's email
> account.  I looked at the message sent and it was indeed from me, but
> the message body held the same one line and thesame EXE/ZIP file
> attachment as the ones I'd received from multiple sources.  I use
> evolution as my email client.  Could I be infected with this virus?  I
> didn't think Linux was susceptible to virii - only hostile shell
> scripts.  Is there a way I can test if I am infected, and if I am, is
> there a way to find the virus so that I can destroy it?
You say the message was from you.
If you can prove it was actually form you (your PC) then you do have a
More likely the address was spoofed as if it had come from you.
In which case you do not have the problem.
Regards Roger 

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