Printing to a Windows print server with Samba

Jesus M. Rodriguez jmrodri at
Sat Jul 24 17:26:37 UTC 2004

A. Lanza,

My setup is a bit different (RH Linux 8 running Samba with Canon S750 
shared), a Windows XP box as a client and a Fedora Core 2 box as another 
client.  Some of this should still be relevant.

On the FC2 box I used the System Settings -> Printing menu to get the 
"Printer Configuration".

- Click on New (to add a new printer queue)
- Enter the name I wanted for the queue (Canon)
- Click Forward
- In the "Select a queue type:" drop down choose:
   "Networked Windows SMB".
- My samba server (or in your case your Windows machine)
   should appear in the list.
- Click the black arrow next to your machine name and choose the
   printer being shared from your Windows machine.
- Click Forward
- In the Printer model dialog box, choose the printer that more
   closely matches your Printer. (for Canon S750 use S600 driver).
- Click Forward
- You should get a dialog with the following information:
   Type: Windows Print Queue
   Share: //yourwindowsmachine/Printer_share
   Printer: Printer name (i.e. Canon S600)
- Click Finish

That should do it on the FC2 box.  Now the biggest issue with 
Samba/Windows shares is usually permissions.  I allow EVERYONE to print 
to my printer share.  If you are going to restrict the share to specific 
  users you need to make sure you have a username on the Windows machine 
that matches the FC2 box.  Though this is where I get fuzzy so I can't 
really give you specifics on this part.

Good luck.


A. Lanza wrote:
> Hi,
> all printers in my network are connected to machines running Windows and
> i have no local printer connected to my Linux box.
> I know that this can be accomplished by using Samba. I have Samba
> services running on my PC and i'm able to connect to some network file
> shares on Windows computers, but i cannot get to print on those servers.
> I've tried to use the FC2 printer config. utility to connect to a
> network printer using SMB protocol. But with no success :(
> Can anyone give some advice?
> Thanks a lot,
> AL

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