New hard drive mounting rights problems ...

Marian POPESCU softexpert at
Sat Jul 24 18:39:33 UTC 2004

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> Am Sa, den 24.07.2004 schrieb Marian POPESCU um 20:04:
>> There is one thing, though, that a normal user cannot do:
>> create a directory on lin1! Am I wrong?
>> [marian at mypc /]$ mkdir /mnt/lin1/mydir
>> mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/lin1/mydir': Permission denied
>> Can I do something about it?
>> Marian
> mount /mnt/lin1 and run "chmod 1777 /mnt/lin1". That will set the
> permissions if you need the ability to have users being able to create
> objects at top inside the mounted filesystem. You must run the chmod
> command on the mountpoint after you mounted the device.
> Alexander
Thank you very much!
This solved my problem!
And I will read about permission structures!


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