yum installs

John Dangler jdangler at atlantic.net
Mon Jul 26 03:36:41 UTC 2004

>Hi John, yum only "sees" the packages that are in the locations listed
>in /etc/yum.conf . The easy way is to setup yum to use Dag Wieer's repo
>which has slabotron.


>Or you could add the local directory to your yum.conf temporarily with
>an entry similar to this: 

>name=local directory

>Run yum-arch from that directory to create the header(s) that yum uses. 
>Then run yum update as usual and it will pick up your package.

>Wayne Steenburg

Thanks for the reply.  I tried getting to the dag repository and got this
Damaged or Bad header.info from Dag RPM Repository for Fedora Core
This is probably because of a downed server or an invalid header.info on a

I'll try the local directory and see if that fares any better.

Thanks, again.


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