How to Configure Qmail on Fedora Core 1 Server

Fritz Whittington f.whittington at
Tue Jul 27 16:36:13 UTC 2004

On or about 2004-07-27 10:06, William Hooper whipped out a trusty #2 
pencil and scribbled:

>Fritz Whittington said:
>>At least one point, which is major to me :-)  Buried in the sample
>>configuration file for dovecot is a comment that the refusal to serve mail
>>for root is compiled into the binary, no matter that it seems to allow for
>>it in the configuration.
>Just alias root's mail to your regular account.  That makes more sense then making multiple connections to different accounts.
If I were using SquirellMail as you are, then I can see your point.  But 
I'm using Mozilla, and once I set up all the various users, then I have 
all my mail folders separated by users, listed on one screen, and 
everything gets refreshed automatically.  See my response to Alexander 
for more comments.

Fritz Whittington
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