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George Crum vfstaboy at
Wed Jul 28 20:31:18 UTC 2004

You've forgotten to clean out the old /home directory
before you mounted the new one over it.  Even though
your old /home directory, on your / drive, is no
longer in use it still has all those files taking up

umount new /home and remount it as /mnt
mount old /home and copy your files to /mnt
delete files in old /home
mount new /home


--- Dave Stevens <geek at> wrote:
> OK OK OK I give up I can't read.
> But on another note...
> I recently installed a new 60 gig hard drive. I did
> this to overcome a 
> situation where I was rapidly running out of space
> through loading up /home. 
> The new drive is ext3 like the old one. The / drive
> is 38 gigs, there are 
> three partitions, boot, swap and root. I installed
> hdc and formatted it as 
> ext3 all one partition, so /dev/hdc1
> I copied all of /home to the new drive, then mounted
> it as /home. This works 
> ok and gives me 30 gigs of new space. I want to
> release the space taken up by 
> the old /home directory, so I commented out the
> mount line in fstab and 
> rebooted, regaining access to the old /home. I used
> nautilus as root and 
> navigated to the /home directory and deleted all the
> contents. The directory 
> now shows up as empty, but df shows the space still
> in use. I'd like to get 
> that cleared up, the space would be worthwhile and
> the system runs like a dog 
> with 87% of the filesystem full.
> I tried to set the reboot count to 400 so as to
> trigger a fsck on the next 
> reboot, but that hasn't changed anything.
> Ideas?
> Dave
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