1st reboot after FC2 *full* install

Jorge Cecílio cecilio at equitubos.pt
Thu Jul 29 08:26:33 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I'm trying to install a full(!) FC2 installation on a Celeron 2GHZ. I didn't really had problems doing that except that, on first reboot, the machine stops on "Enabling swap space" phase.
I tried that on another machine (Celeron 2.6GHz(?)) and the same problem occurs.
I installed FC1 on same machines before with no problems at all.

Can anyone help why is this happening and how to avoid it?

(In fact I know a way to avoid it: First I install a (typical) personal desktop. After first (successful) reboot, shutdown and reinstall again(!). Now, I should choose Custom installation with Manually partition (keep partitions without formatting!) and finally choose to install Everything - But life shouldn't be so hard  :-)  )

Please don't tell me I don't need every packages on the four FC2 disks: I'm just a newbie to Linux (although not to Unix...).

By the way... How can I install *Everything* after a succesful FC2 instalation, without having to reinstall?

Thanks in advance,
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